Name: Kathryne Minter (Mintey Fresh)
Hometown: Bedford,Texas
Class: Jr Mini
Car#: 13m
BirthDate: 1/17/91
Occupation: student..race car driver : )
Spouse: single...
Children: none...
Chassis: my dad built it...
Sponsors: MRB guaranteed foundation repairs,Body Construction(gym)
Years in Racing: 2
Regular Tracks: grand prairie,cowtown
Favorite Track: cowtown
Favorite Event: feb.fast50 and topless 100(to watch)
Accomplishments to Date: 2nd place 2004 GPS points,7th 2004 Cowtown 
Crew: dad(mike minter),chris, sonny miller ,trevor lane
Special Thanks to: mom(tracy),sister(grace) and all the fans!
How did you get involved in Racing: my dad got a race car as a down 
payment and i started driving.
Hobbies or other interests: talking on the phone,listeing to the 
radio, volleyball, soccer, running,(staying in 
shape)makeup, shopping, friends, movies, chillen at the shop...the teen thing.
Most memorable moment in racing: getting 2nd in my first race and 
recieving my trophies at the banquets