Name: Kristin Faver   
Hometown: Ingram,Tx
Class: Pure Stock/Rookie Stock
Car#: 13
BirthDate: 8/16/68
Occupation: Secretary
Spouse: Tommy Faver
Children: Ricky,Charles,& Robby
Chassis: GM Metric
Sponsors: Double Trouble Racing;La Hacienda;Rowan Painting;RSG Data Control(more to come soon)
Years in Racing: 1

Regular Tracks: Hill Country Raceway
Favorite Track: Hill Country Raceway
Favorite Event:
Accomplishments to Date: 1st place feature win (Mother's Day '04)first woman to win at 'new' Hill Country Raceway, 2004 3rd place in points
Crew: owner:Tommy Faver ;crew cheif:Eric Ericson pit crew:Charles Zeigler,Robby Zeigler
Special Thanks to: all sponsers,my husband,pit crew,Yankee& fellow family,friends,fans and drivers
How did you get involved in Racing: racing fan(Ive got it bad)hooked since Petty era
Hobbies or other interests: racing(oh ya,family)
Most memorable moment in racing: Winning of course,close second  was the most amazing wreck,was spun out  and hit on both side quarter panels by the same car

NOTE: honored to show racing decals on car for 2005 season to support Slider and all other dirt racing fanatics like him.