Name: Kyle Whitworth
Hometown: Tom Bean, TX
Class: Southern Limited Modified
Car#: 12
Birth Date: September 05, 1988
Occupation: Student, Hot Stuff Pizza
Spouse: Ainít Got one, and donít need one right now
Children: None
Chassis: 2005 Gould Racing Chassis
Sponsors: Cellular One, Rhino Linings, and Myself
Years in Racing: This is my 3rd
Regular Tracks: Grayson County Speedway, Paris Motor Speedway, Super bowl Speedway
Favorite Track: GCS
Favorite Event: Havenít Had very good luck in it yet, but GCSí Monster Mash
Accomplishments to Date: 2003- 7th place in points at GCS in 12 Nights, won 1 feature( first night out ever), 2004- 4 feature wins, swept 2 nights, 6th place points @ GCS, 7 @ PMS, & 8th @ GCS.
Crew: Brian, Dad, Chance, and Me
Special Thanks to: Brian, mom, Dad, Sherry, Eddie ďMaddogĒ Doggett, and everyone else that has helped with the car.
How did you get involved in Racing: My Dad, Melvin Whitworth, and step dad, Brian Raney, have both raced for 15 years, so you could say that I was BORN 2 RACE
Hobbies or other interests: Baseball, I start @ Second Base on the Tom Bean Varsity Baseball Team.
Most memorable moment in racing: My first night that I ever raced, I placed third in the heat, and first in the Feature, without leading a lap, consider it a lucky win, but Iíll tell you that a win is a win.