Name: Lance Hanson
Hometown: Red Oak, Texas
Class: SIMS Limited Modified
Car#: 5h
BirthDate:  8 - 20 - 1969
Occupation: Chevy Dealer Technician
Spouse: Carla Hanson
Children: Lane and Heather Hanson
Chassis: Smileys 2004 Chassis
Sponsors: Fearless Grafix, Wisemwan Hardware, K Auto, Executive Buisness Services
Years in Racing: 7 years
Regular Tracks: Grand Prairie, Cowtown, ThunderBird Speedway
Favorite Track: Grand Prairie Speedway
Favorite Event: Stampede
Accomplishments to Date: 94' Thunderbird Speedway Track Champion
Crew: Lane and Heather Hanson
Special Thanks to: My wife and kids, its not possible without them !
How did you get involved in Racing: A friend was racing, I started helping him and got hooked
Hobbies or other interests: Vinyl Grafix
Most memorable moment in racing: Winning a Championship