Name: Les Roberts
Hometown: McAlester, OK
Class: Modified
Car#: 70
BirthDate: 7-22 
Occupation: Owns Roberts Window Tinting
Spouse: Pam Roberts
Children: Lesley & Nikki
Chassis: Dirt Debil   (Not a misprint)
Sponsors: Simons Petroleum, McAlester, OK

Revenge Racing Chassis, Richard Griffin, Anna, TX

HIS team Graffix, Rodney Godney, Merit, TX

Roberts Window Tinting, Les Roberts, McAlester, OK
Years in Racing: 8 yrs
Regular Tracks: Grayson County Speedway
Favorite Track: Grayson Co.
Favorite Event: Every Saturday Night with my two nephews, Jeremy and Chad Cox.
Accomplishments to Date: Racing with my Family
Crew: Co-Owner Les Roberts, Dub Roberts
Special Thanks to: My Dad Lester Roberts, and Uncle Dub Roberts,
How did you get involved in Racing: Dad and Dub started racing in the mid-60's at Princeton, Greenville, Northstar, Buffalo Park, Devils Bowl
Hobbies or other interests: Building and Showing Street Rods. And this years car was built by me in my own shop.
Most memorable moment in racing: Racing Jubal Dudley  Door to Door in Late Models for a feature win at Grayson Co.
It was quite an accomplishment to be able to win against Jubal Dudley and he's a great friend as well.