Name: Marvin Fath
Hometown: Mansfield, Texas
Class: SS
Car#: 113
BirthDate: Jun 13 
Occupation: Engineer working as a Project Manager
Spouse: Terri
Children: T.J. & Cody
Chassis: Chevelle 
Sponsors: I wish
Years in Racing: Less than a year 
Regular Tracks: Cowtown 
Favorite Track: Cowtown 
Favorite Event: TBD
Accomplishments to Date: Getting my car built
Crew: Again; I wish
Special Thanks to: Sonny & Doug, Roger, Troy, and of course Bo
How did you get involved in Racing: My Brother in Law
Hobbies or other interests: Just about anything outdoors
Most memorable moment in racing: Hearing the engine fire for the first 
time, My first start