Name:  Monty Chamberlain

Hometown:  Louise, Texas

Class:  Bomber

Car # : 55

Birthdate : June, 1965

Occupation:  Assistant School Superintendent

Spouse: Cindy

Children: boy and a girl

Sponsors:  Mustang Creek BBQ, Louise, Texas,    El Campo Fence Company,    KC Lease Service,   Chamberlain & Associates Business Solutions

Years in Racing:   2005 will be my 2nd year

Regular Tracks:   Texana Raceway Park       Edna, Texas

Accomplishments to Date:   Finished 3rd in Pure Stock in 2004, my rookie year

Special thanks to:  My brother-in-law for his work with my car, and Roy January for donating my starter car to me in 2004.

How did you get involved in racing:   It is running through my veins.  I lived about a mile from the Sportsdrome in Grand Prairie in the late 70s.   I heard the roar every Saturday night.  Went to my first race when I was 12 and dreamed about racing ever since.  Finally after all the years of dreaming, just did it.