Name: Nathan Sugg
Hometown: Midlothian, Tx
Class: Modified
Car#: 9N
BirthDate: 7/19/87
Occupation: Student at Mansfield High School
Chassis: 2004 Larry Shaw
Sponsors: Mid Cities Automotive, Tune Used Cars, Smileys
Years in Racing: 3 driving, but my mom went into labor with me in the 
pit stands at Cowtown so 17 watching.
Regular Tracks: Cowtown and Grand Prairie
Favorite Track: I-30 Speedway in Little Rock
Favorite Event: Topless Modified Nationals at I-30
Accomplishments to Date: 2003 Rookie of the year at GP Speedway, 6th in 
Crew: Me, but my dad Edward, cousin Bryan, and Doug help me out 
whenever they can.
Special Thanks to: Dad, Bryan, Doug, Billy, and James.
How did you get involved in Racing: I come from a racing family, so it 
was natural that I would be involved in it.
Hobbies or other interests: Racing, racing, oh and racing.
Most memorable moment in racing: One night at GP speedway in '03 I got 
to race against my dad, brother, two cousins, and an uncle in the