Name: Patrick Braaten
Hometown: Edinburg, Tx
Class: Open go-karts
Car#: 14
BirthDate: 3-17-93
Occupation: school
Spouse: not even close yet
Children: just brothers
Chassis: modified Emmic
Sponsors: Pueblo Tires, Shabby Chicks, Vigneault racing
Years in Racing: 4
Regular Tracks: Rio Grande Speedway
Favorite Track: same
Favorite Event: Got a chance to run at the Monster Truck show when they came into town
Accomplishments to Date: Points champion twice, never outside of top 5
Crew: Grandpa, Dad, Luke, Jon, Abel, so many more that I canít remember now
Special Thanks to: Grandpa, Mom and Dad
How did you get involved in Racing: Dad used to race, he quite cause Iím better than he could ever be
Hobbies or other interests: Video games, football, racing
Most memorable moment in racing: First year running in 3hp class, ran with the 5hp class and won their feature also!!!