Name : Randy Kirkland 
Hometown: Mesquite, Tx
Class: Usa modifieds
Car# 77
BirthDate : 8/04/1957
Occupation:self employed
Spouse: Donna
Children: Sonny and Brandon
Chassis: Richard Mc Gibboney
Sponsors: Relible Plumbing, American Locksmith
Years Racing: 33
Regular Track : Devilsbowl
Favorite Track: The Bowl
Favorite Event: Winter Nationals  
Accomplishments to Date: 2004 season at the bowl placing 2nd in points,
and for the past 5 years placing in the top 4 and Winning the
Championship at Thunderbird speedway 1991
Crew: Thomas, Dave , Greg,and Richard
Special Thanks to:Thomas and  Linda Daniels
How did you get involved in racing: I grew up in racing, My dad raced
all over from the 1950's until he was killed at Cowtowm speedway in
Hobbies or interest: Racing and my grand kids
Most memorable moment in racing: THe day I won my feature and my son
Sonny won his very first  feature the same night