Name: Randy Miller

Hometown: Euless, Tx

Class: Bomber

Car#: 78

Birth Date: 8/13/81

Occupation: Retail.. Soon Radio

Spouse: None..Yet

Children: None..That I know of

Chassis: No on earthly Idea

Sponsors: Bonham Recovery, Bigworm Graphics, Pickering Automatoive, HnH Racing Engines

Years in Racing: 3

Regular Tracks: Cowtown

Favorite Track: Cowtown, Grand Prairie

Favorite Event: Any night is fun

Accomplishments to Date: 8th in points Rookie Year, Founder of Bad Boyz Racing Team

Crew: Dad, Mom, Ryan Foust, and other Friends

Special Thanks to: Stone @ Metroplex Pawn, the Bonham Family & The Letson Family

How did you get involved in Racing: Met David Bonham

Hobbies or other interests: Video Games, Music And Television

Most memorable moment in racing: The 2 spectacular looking crashes I've had  (how's that for