Name: Rick Barrett
Hometown: Joshua
Class: modified
Car#: 98
BirthDate: June 1,1958
Occupation: truck driver
Spouse: Cindy
Children: Brandon, Morgan, Shelby
Chassis: duplicate of Smiley’s
Sponsors: Pearson Racing Engines, Ziptie Racing, Martinez Cleaners, Joshua tire, Ace Auto salvage
Years in Racing: 20+
Regular Tracks: Cowtown Speedway
Favorite Track: Cowtown  Speedway
Favorite Event: Late Models
Accomplishments to Date: finished in the top ten in numerous classes at different tracks in north Texas
Crew: Cindy, Dru, Gary, Jeff, Clinton, Glenn
Special Thanks to: Dru Pearson
How did you get involved in Racing: friends
Hobbies or other interests:more racing and golf
Most memorable moment in racing: