Name: Rick Vander Weide
Hometown: SIoux Falls SD
Class: Late Model Street Stock
Car#:    6   "The Joy of Six"
BirthDate: 6-28-66
Occupation: Air Amubulance Pilot
Spouse: Aimee
Children: 4- Jesse, Ally, Paige, Levi
Chassis: 2005 PRO Chassis  ---------   PRO chassis mod won the Boone Supernats in 2002, Darren Williams was driving

Sponsors: TNT Drywall, Sioux Merchant Patrol, Bottoms Up, Clean Finish Car Wash, several others
Years in Racing: 1993 was first year
Regular Tracks: Husets Speedway, Brandon SD;  Rapid Speedway, Rock Rapids IA
Favorite Track: Both of the above

Favorite Event: Annual National Cheaters Day at Husets Speedway
Accomplishments to Date: 2 track championships at Rapid Speedway,  2003 NMRA National Champion, 4 Cheaters Day Championships
Crew: Kenny and some part timers
Special Thanks to: Aimee
How did you get involved in Racing: Always loved it
Hobbies or other interests: building and updating my website
Most memorable moment in racing: Final race of 2003 when I won the heat and feature, and also captured the points championship and my wife, Aimee come from dead last in the last 2 laps to win the annual Women on Wheels race by inches.