Name: Robert Bechtel

Hometown: Palestine

Class: Cruiser

Car#: 08

BirthDate: February 27, 1990

Occupation: School

Spouse: N/A

Children: N/A


Sponsors: James F. Ray New & Used CArs; Palestine Oil and Lube

Years in Racing: This is my 2nd

Regular Tracks: Thunder Mountain, Speedarama, Bellmead Speedway, Heart

O Texas

Favorite Track: Thunder Mountain, but I like Bellmead competition


Favorite Event: Piney Woods Classic

Accomplishments to Date: Won first in Jr. Minis last year

Crew: Randy Bechtel

Special Thanks to: Mom & Dad, Palestine Oil and Lube, and James F. Ray

for all their support

How did you get involved in Racing: I wanted to drive a Jr. Mini when I

saw them at Thunder Mountain

Hobbies or other interests: RACING!!!!!!

Most memorable moment in racing: The day I finally got a win in the Jr.

Mini class