Name: Robert Corbello

Class: UMP Modified

Car #: C23

Birth Date: 10-25-59

Occupation: Owner of Glen’s Paint & Body

Spouse: Donna

Children: Ricky, and Michael

Chassis: “HOT”

Sponsors: Glen’s Paint & Body, Jordan’s Marine & Fuel, Herrera’s Towing

Years in Racing: Six

Regular Tracks: Motorama, Houston Raceway Park

Favorite Track: Motorama

Crew: Dwight Glover, Wayne Glover

Special Thanks: My wife for putting up with the racing, and Dwight Glover for his time putting this new car together. It came out beautiful. My

sponsors and HOT chassis for putting this deal together.

How did you get started in racing: Went to the races with some friends, like what I saw. Bought my first car, and the rest is history.

Hobbies: Golf and my grandchildren.

Most Memorable Moment: My first win, and my tumble I took at Motorama.