Name: Robin Rasmussen
Hometown: Killeen, Tx
Class: Thunderstock
Car#: 3 The only one you'll see with flowers on it!!
BirthDate: November 10, 1967
Occupation: Professional Mother. Does that count?
Spouse: Not!! Anyone interested? lol
Children: yes 1 biological daughter and 4 boys (foster children)
Chassis: I think it is probably bent?
Sponsors: Lindley, Wiley and Duskie PC Attorneys at Law, Pro Wash, Key West Tanning, Oscar's Radiator Works, Danny's Tranny's, Bob's Auto Body and Myself.
Years in Racing: 4 years
Regular Tracks: Texas Thunder Speedway, Bellmead,
Favorite Track: They all have their ups and downs.
Favorite Event: Any one that involves me in it. lol
Accomplishments to Date: 5 Feature wins, 2003 Queen of the hill and it took me a few years to do it, :-) but.... rolling my car in 2004 season.
Crew: Dennis Purrington
Special Thanks to: Rick Craig, Dennis Purrington and my family
How did you get involved in Racing: My Mother Juanita Craig wanted to race, following after my brother and his sons. She bought us each a car, my sisters each bought cars and we became Key West Racing in 2002. Juanita Craig's # 70+ was officially retired at Texas Thunder Speedway on her 74th birthday in 2004.
Hobbies or other interests: Bowling, shooting pool, darts and people watching.
Most memorable moment in racing: Queen of the hill in 2003 and rolling my car in the 2004 season.