Name: Ronny Cook
Hometown: Mansfield, Texas
Class: Modified
Car#: 81
Birth Date: 5/3/69
Occupation: Auto Repair Shop Owner, Technician
Spouse: Wendy
Children: Brittany
Chassis: Wayne Larson Racing
Sponsors: Diamondback Trailers, Truck & Trailer, Auto Doctor
Years in Racing: 11
Regular Tracks: Cowtown Speedway
Favorite Track: Devils Bowl
Favorite Event: Topless 100
Accomplishments to Date: Handful of seconds, soon to be changed thanks to Wayne Larson Racing
Crew: Robby King, Carey Cagle & Wendy
Special Thanks to: Carey & Robby for getting me all the “good stuff” I need and for backing me up when the chips are down.
How did you get involved in Racing: Been around it since I was a kid in Altus, OK
Hobbies or other interests: nothing else compares!
Most memorable moment in racing: Topless 100 2004 running 3 and 4 wide on a bad track conditions with some of the best drivers around and no one touched each other even once!