Name: Russell Brackeen
Hometown: West,Tx
Class: cruiser
BirthDate: 09/18/69   
Occupation: Electrician
Spouse: none
Children: none
Chassis: R&R Racing
Sponsors: Central Rental, Coors Light, Mike Staas plbg, Tammy Polk Atty, 
Pizza House of West, Wolfs Bar, Alvaredos tires
Years in Racing:2
Regular Tracks: H.O.T
Favorite Track: same
Favorite Event: Fall Classic. Its scary to see some of the most unsafe 
with huge engines and tires
Accomplishments to Date:4 feature wins
Crew: Ricky Heckel, Kevin Smith, James Quinn, Chris Guy, Randy Heckel
Special Thanks to: Central Rental
How did you get involved in Racing: Going to the races since a toddler
Hobbies or other interests: Fishing and Hunting and drinking Beer
Most memorable moment in racing: My first feature win, when I came out 
turn four my parents where the only ones on the track. Then all of my 
friends getting there to congratulate me. I was the king of the track 
about 5 minutes!