Name:  Russel Enright        
Hometown: Whitehouse, Texas
Class: Modified
Car#: 57
BirthDate: 12-04-1973
Occupation: Bell Finance & Pawn Shop
Spouse: Candace
Children: Gage (6), Grace (1), & ? We'll know about the middle of April on #3
Chassis: Allen Autosports
Sponsors: Bell Finance & Pawn Shop, Day Motorsports, Pflugerville Engine & Machine, Rick's Racing Fuel, Allen Autosports, Danz Designs
Years in Racing: 9
Regular Tracks: Thundermountain (Rusk, Tx), Ark-La-Tex
Favorite Track: Thundermountain, D.I.R.T (formally Rosebowl) & Ark-La-Tex
Favorite Event: The Chili Bowl
Accomplishments to Date: 1996 TMSA Rookie of the Year,  Several feature wins
Crew: Todd, & Race Car Joe Henry
Special Thanks to: My wife & Kids, Joe Henry and for my dad (Todd) If it wasn't for all there hard work there's know way I could be racing.
How did you get involved in Racing: My father has owned race cars on & off since the early 70's.  Attended my first race at 6 months old.
Hobbies or other interests: Hunting, playing with my kids
Most memorable moment in racing: My first night of racing.  It went by so fast it was all a blur and I had know idea what I was doing but I can remember it all like it was yesterday started 24th and finished 8th.  Thats when the ole bug got a hold of me and it hadn't turned loose yet!