Name: Rusty Stein
Hometown: Alvarado
Class: Bomber
Car#: 44
BirthDate: 03/09/1960
Occupation: Independant Crontractor
Spouse: Vivian Stein
Children: Anyone want them ? 3 all adults
Chassis: High Stakes Motorsports
Sponsors: High Stakes Motorsports
Years in Racing: 1
Regular Tracks: Cowtown Speedway
Favorite Track: Same
Favorite Event: Demo Derby
Accomplishments to Date: I am Still Alive :)
Crew: Any Volunteers
Special Thanks to: Monty, Royce,Ken,And My Wife
How did you get involved in Racing: Had a Brain Fart after bieng a spectator for over 40 years
Hobbies or other interests: Bowling
Most memorable moment in racing: I should have some this year !!!