Name: Rusty Trevathan Sr.
Hometown: Wylie
Class: IMCA Modified
Car#: 51
BirthDate: 02-27-1966
Occupation: R & B Equipment Services
Spouse: Becky
Children: Jessica & Rusty
Chassis: Dirt Works & Hoffman
Sponsors: Day Motorsports, Speedpro Signs, R & B Motorsports, Milkman Foster
Years in Racing: 15

Regular Tracks: Royse City, Grayson County, Devils Bowl
Favorite Track: Lawton
Favorite Event: Lawton's Speedway Winter Nationals
Accomplishments to Date: 1995 2nd Place @ Superbowl Speedway, 1997 2nd Place @ Superbowl Speedway, 1998 3rd Place @ Devils Bowl Speedway, 2000 2nd Place @ Devils Bowl Speedway
Crew: Bryan Mize, Mike Deavers, Playboy Billy Bob, Jim Foster, Jerry Trevathan, and Rusty Trevathan jr.
Special Thanks to: Dad, Steve Sickels, Jim Foster, Henry & Pat Stewart (Speedpro signs) and my wife (Becky) for tolerating me.
How did you get involved in Racing: My dad raced from 1965 to 1980.  As well as cousins and many other family members.
Hobbies or other interests: My family. A date with my wife of course only in the winter time. Watching my children grow up.  My daughter (Jessica) with her shopping sprees. My son (Rusty) with his talent in basketball. Sitting around shooting the bull about racing with a bunch of friends.
Most memorable moment in racing: 2000 Lawton Speedway Winter Nationals Champion, 2001 Lawton Speedway 2nd Place Winter Nationals, 2002 Lawton Speedway 3rd Place Winter Nationals, 2003 Lawton Speedway Winter Nationals Champion