Name: Scott Norem
Hometown: Webster City, IA
Class: 360 Modified
Car#: 15
BirthDate: 03/03/1983
Occupation: Owner - NiteFly Designs
Spouse: Single
Children: None
Chassis: GRT
Sponsors: NiteFly Designs, The Wild Rose, Hair Mechanix, Terminator 
Slicker Sticker
Years in Racing: Rookie year in a car, raced go-carts for 2 years when 
I was younger
Regular Tracks: Hamilton County Speedway - Webster City, IA
Favorite Track: Hancock County Speedway - Britt, IA
Favorite Event: Any USMTS race
Accomplishments to Date: Getting my car paid for and put together
Crew: Nathan Solberg, Chris McNiel, Joe Winkler, and myself
Special Thanks to: Joe Winkler, Mark Elliott @ Terminator Chassis, and 
anyone else that has helped along the way.
How did you get involved in Racing: I've attended the races since I was 
5 and have helped with a few local drivers the past couple years.
Hobbies or other interests: Watching college basketball and playing in 
city basketball league, playing guitar, and playing racing games on computer 
or PS2.
Most memorable moment in racing: Getting to race an open modified in a 
mechanics race, more to come as the season goes on.