Name:Scott Tacker
Hometown: West, Texas
Class: IMCA Southern Sport Modified
Car#: 44
Birth Date: 4-4-67
Occupation:Systems Analyst††
Spouse: Jennifer
Children: Max, Charlie, and Gabriel
Chassis: Villarreal
Sponsors: Industrial Transmission, Brazos Valley Contracting Company, Richard Pickens Racing, Slider Racing, HardBodies, Midwest Motorsports, and Pops
Years in Racing: Around 5 or so.
Regular Tracks: HOT Speedway
Favorite Track: HOT Speedway
Favorite Event: HOT Fall Classic
Accomplishments to Date: 1991 Bomber Champion at All Star Speedway (now Bonnerís Bellmead Speedway).Have won 14 features over the years racing.
Crew: Richard Pickens (Car Owner), Sean Robertson, Mike Robertson, and Steve Buck
Special Thanks to: My wife and kids-for letting me play, Richard and Karen Pickens-for having the confidence to let me drive their car, Mom, Jim Robertson, Jeanette Bennet, Shannon Young, and the crew.
How did you get involved in Racing: Always loved the sport and finally made the decision to give it a try in 1990.
Hobbies or other interests: Enjoy watching my sonsí play Little League baseball.
Most memorable moment in racing: Beating my uncle, Jim Robertson, on a last lap, front straight pass under the flag stand to take the feature win by a few feet in 1991 at All Star Speedway.Also, the friends that I have met throughout the years that also enjoy the sport of racing.