Name:  Sean Jones
Hometown: Mansfield, Texas
Class: Modified & Sprint
Car#: 5c
BirthDate: 8-9-69
Occupation:  Self Employeed
Spouse: Charlotte Jones
Children:  Haley Jones, Forrest Gray, Kayla Jones
Chassis: self built
Sponsors:  Southwest Engines, Harts Connections, McCrory Oil, Metro Trailer Repair
Years in Racing: 12
Regular Tracks: Cowtown Speedway, Grand Prairie Speedway
Favorite Track:  Batesville Speedway
Favorite Event: 
Accomplishments to Date: I will e-mail this later(I have to look it up) short memory
Crew:  Chuck Hart, Brian Burson, Ricky Barnes
Special Thanks to: The Sanders Family, Pete Coors
How did you get involved in Racing:  Always messed with cars, & decided to build me a hot stock
Hobbies or other interests:  Spending time with my family
Most memorable moment in racing:  1st time in a modified racing for Chuck, we went to the Longhorn Roundup when it payed $30,000.00 to win and qualified 3rd! Back to back champion for Topless 100.