Name:  Sean Robertson
Hometown:  Waco, Tx
Class:  Cruiser/Purestock
Car#:   70
BirthDate: 12/10/70
Occupation:      Transmission Mechanic
Spouse:    Not Yet
Children:    None that I know of
Chassis:    Big Monte Carlo/ Metric Regal
Sponsors:     Don's Auto Clinic, Brazos Valley Contracting Comp.
Years in Racing:    Off and On about 6
Regular Tracks:     HOT
Favorite Track:     Guess HOT since I really haven't run anywhere else, like to try others soon
Favorite Event:     Haven't run any special events
Accomplishments to Date:    Best finish is 3rd, and helping family win 2 championships
Crew:  Scott Tacker, Richard Pickens, Mike Robertson, Steve Buck (owner/driver with me), and of course Slider for advice
Special Thanks to:  Anybody and everybody whoever helped me to be able to get on the track, especially my Brother for letting me atleast get some track time in his back up car, he did take a risk there.
How did you get involved in Racing:   Brother and Father decided to start racing so I started to help pit crew and building and maintaining the cars with them and my cousin later on. First year going solo coming up.
Hobbies or other interests: Music (drums especially), hockey, and women (is that a hobby or interest?).
Most memorable moment in racing:   Watching and congratulating my Dad winning the championship his very first season of racing and dedicating it to his late Father who didn't get to watch him win.