Name: Shawn Jakes
Hometown: New Ulm, MN     
Class: Imca StockCar
Car#: 8
BirthDate: 8-25-71 
Occupation: Supervisor, Technical Service; Time Warner Cable
Spouse: Tammy Jakes
Children: Conner Jakes; expecting another approx. May 6, 2005
Chassis: Terminator; PRC
Sponsors: Zinniel Boring; Mike's Collision & Tire Center; Time Warner 
Cable; Fischer's Accounting; Sid's Signs on Broadway; S&S Motors; 
Cyclone Communications; C&D Automotive; Ground Zero
Years in Racing: 4
Regular Tracks: Arlington, MN; Fairmont, MN
Favorite Track: Any track that I visit, I love to go to new tracks.
Favorite Event: Supernationals!!!
Accomplishments to Date: 2003 - 1 Feature Win, 3 Heat Wins(first full 
points season) 6th in Season Points Arlington, MN;  2004 - 3 Feature 
Wins, 2 Heat Wins, 2nd in overall Season Points Arlington, MN.  winning 
the season championship Extravaganza Race.
Crew: Brent Donner; Tim Fischer; Paul Roberts; Conner Jakes
Special Thanks to: My wife, Tammy Jakes
How did you get involved in Racing: Being around friends that raced, 
bought my first hobby car and never finished one race, motor program and 
I weren't on the same page.  lol!
Hobbies or other interests: Hanging out with my son, Conner.  If we are 
not doing something race related, we're doing something together!
Most memorable moment in racing: After racing off and on for a couple 
of years, never really having much success, but having a blast just 
turning laps and passing a few cars.  2003 we hunkered down and ran 
competitively in my 1st complete season.  I was in awww, when I won my first 
race.  Just the feeling of accomplishment and knowing that we have grown 
to become competitive and won a feature in our first complete season.  
Taking it a step further, in 2004 starting of the season with a win and 
picking up 2 more throughout the year, contending most of the year for 
the championship.  This all from a couple of guys that knew nothing 
about all the nuts and bolts of a racecar.  We have grown so much on our 
knowledge.  Hats off to my guys and everyone affiliated with my team!!
Most memorable moment in racing: In my first season in a car, spinning 
out/breaking an axle while starting up front because I was one of the 
"slow" cars.  Anyways I spun myself out/breaking an axle for the first 
time in my career, and thinking I was about to meet my maker.  Actually 
keeping my eyes open and seeing 24+ cars split and all of them go 
around me on both sides without any incident.  Was a memory thats for sure.