Name: Stephen Robison
Hometown: Abilene
Class: Jr Mini
Car#: 7
BirthDate: Jun 15-91
Occupation: Student
Spouse: N/A
Children: N/A
Chassis: Built by Dad
Sponsors: Mesquite Hills MX Park

FM 600 Auto Wrecking

Corner Carb Shop

BG Lubercants

Trinity Baptist Church
Years in Racing: 9
Regular Tracks: Abilene Speedway

Mesquite Hills MX Park
Favorite Track:  Abilene
Favorite Event: Southern Challange
Accomplishments to Date: 7 Moto Cross Track Championships

5 Go-Kart Track Championships

Abilene Speedway Jr Mini Track Champion in Rookie Year 

Crew: Mom, Dad, Bradley Poor
Special Thanks to: Grandpa Pete, Rob Poor, & Tommy Simmons
How did you get involved in Racing: MOM, & DAD
Hobbies or other interests: Vidio Games, Art, Boy Scouts 
Most memorable moment in racing: Winning The Jr Mini Championship in My Rookie Year