Name: Steven Moore II
Hometown: Mexia,TX
Class: IMCA Modified
Car#: 169
BirthDate: 2-20-85
Occupation: College
Spouse: none
Children: I sure hope not!
Chassis: HOT/Hoffman
Sponsors:Mom and DAd, Loop 340 Garage, Curtis Welding
Years in Racing: 6 years
Regular Tracks: Heart O' Texas and Bellmead
Favorite Track: Lonestar Speedway
Favorite Event:
Accomplishments to Date: Being able to win or lose and still have the love and support of my family and friends
Crew: Dad, Steph, Gene, Donna, Amanda Lou,

Special Thanks to: Mom and dad for all your support throught the years, and Gene for helpin on the cars.
How did you get involved in Racing: I started racin Quarter Midgets in Colorado when i was 5. Then i got addicted to dirt track four years ago.
Hobbies or other interests:
Most memorable moment in racing: Every night at the track is memorable