Name: Steven Orebaugh
Hometown: White Settlement
Class: Jr Mini Stock
Car#: 99
BirthDate: Oct 27 1988
Occupation: Student
Spouse: n/a
Children: n/a
Chassis: Dirt Warrior Chassis
Sponsors: Slider, ABC Borrows, Miles Automotive, MOM & Dad, Grandpa Steve, Lincoln Tech Racing, Scherer Built
Years in Racing: 3
Regular Tracks: Boyd Raceway, Kennedale Motor Speedway
Favorite Track: Kennedale Motor Speedway
Favorite Event:

Accomplishments to Date: 1 Championship my rookie year at Kennedale Speedway Park 2003 , 2 Track championship at Boyd Raceway 2004, 24 Features, Mid Season Champion, Ranked # 1 in Texas in the Valorize cup, Ranked # 29 Nationally
Crew: Dad
How did you get involved in Racing: Watching Jay Bransom race, and My Uncle
Hobbies or other interests: Basketball, Football
Most memorable moment in racing: When I won 5 in a role my rookie year.