Name: Terry Faul
Hometown: Minot North Dakota
Class: IMCA Stock Car
BirthDate: 09-28-1970
Occupation: Finance manager at Don Bessette Motors
Spouse: Traci
Children: Katie Mckenzi Samantha Mike
Chassis: 2005 R&T Race chassis
Sponsors: Five Star Racing
Years in Racing: Back in the drivers seat after a 15 year layoff
Regular Tracks: Nodak speedway Rugby speedway Williston basin speedway Estevan motor speedway in Canada
Favorite Track: Nodak Speedway
Favorite Event: Sunoco challenge
Accomplishments to Date: won several features in my early career but just getting started again
Crew: Jeff Mike Darrin Robby Nathan
Special Thanks to: grandpa and grandma
How did you get involved in Racing:2nd generation racer
Hobbies or other interests: Racing Racing Racing