Name: Terry Roach
Hometown: Gladewater Tx.
Class: Mini Mod
Car#:   #1
BirthDate:   07-17-63
Occupation:  Police Officer
Spouse:   Jan Mauldin
Children:  1 / Daniel Roach  21years old
Chassis:  Mustang
Sponsors: Jan / K&K Racing
Years in Racing:   4
Regular Tracks:   Lone Star
Favorite Track:  Lone Star
Favorite Event:   Every Race
Accomplishments to Date:  Have not won one yet
Crew:   Any body that will help
Special Thanks to:  Jan, Kevin and Kay Lynn
How did you get involved in Racing:  Kevin and Kay Lynn were racing
Hobbies or other interests:  Going to Nascar and Indy races / fishing
Most memorable moment in racing:  Beating Kay Lynn