Hometown: Algona Iowa
Class: Hobbystock
Car#: 24 24w
BirthDate: 4/7/78 3/26 /79
Occupation: We  work at Aluma Trailers
Spouse: April, Kim,
Children: Austin, Kylie, Briana, Ashlyn
Chassis: TSRC (we build our own)
Sponsors: Aluma Trailers, Mcdonalds, Wickman Auto Salvage, Deans Auto Salvage,Groen and Menning Builders,Inglles Honey Co,
Years in Racing: 7- 4 In the cruiser class and this is the 3rd in the hobbies 
Regular Tracks: Algona Iowa
Favorite Track: Fairmont Mn
Favorite Event:
Accomplishments to Date: 30 feature wins 28 in cruisers 2 in hobbies 2nd in the cruiser nationals
Crew: Cory, Mike, Doug
Special Thanks to: Family and friends who help make it all happen
How did you get involved in Racing: My uncle Mike used to race stock car and got us interested and now he is the third stooge in the 24 family 
Hobbies or other interests: Bowling, Hunting, Building Race cars
Most memorable moment in racing: Running side by side with some of the best in our area in our first year in the hobbies just kinda make you feel good. Running up front and winning the first time.