Name: Toby Johnson

Hometown: Fort Worth

Class: Hobby Stock

Car#: 52

BirthDate: 7-22-74 

Occupation: Network Technician

Spouse: 0

Children: 0

Chassis: Mafia Chassis


Years in Racing: 4

Regular Tracks: Kennedale Motor Speedway

Favorite Track: KMS

Favorite Event: My Favorite class to watch is the IMCA I-Stocks

Accomplishments to Date: 3rd in points in Bomber Class my first year of racing at KMS; 2nd in points in Bomber Class my 2nd year of racing at KMS.

Crew: Hobby Stock Mafia

Special Thanks to:

How did you get involved in Racing: Good friend George Norton and Uncle James Camp raced for a season and I couldnít stand watching from the pits so my Uncle

James Camp gave me my first bomber car and the rest is history

Hobbies or other interests: When Iím not tinkering with my racecar Iím studying and researching ways to make my racecar go faster and handle better.

Most memorable moment in racing: My first and only feature win to date, in the bomber class.I raced for a year and a half before I got my first ever win.