Name: Todd Hildman   

Hometown: Algona,Iowa 

Class: Hobby Sock

Car#: 27t   

BirthDate: 3/17/1973

Occupation: Welder at Aluma

Spouse: Erika

Children: none

Chassis: hrc

Sponsors: North Iowa Appliance, Pletchers Speed Shop, Eagle Cafe,

Years in Racing: 3

Regular Tracks: Algona,Britt   

Favorite Track: Algona

Favorite Event:

Accomplishments to Date:

Crew: Erika, Tony, Nick, Adam, Snip

Special Thanks to: Erika

How did you get involved in Racing: My uncle has been racing for 4 decades and he got me into it when I was little

Hobbies or other interests: Darts pool racing

Most memorable moment in racing: getting into my 1st racecar and racing with the likes of Jeremy Mills and others for my first race