Name: Tony Steele
Hometown: Glendale, Arizona
Class: Factory Stocks
Car#: 61
BirthDate: Glendale, Arizona
Occupation: Junior, High School
Spouse: None
Children: None
Chassis: Flexi Flyer Chassis
Sponsors: Flexi Flyer, Manuels Mexican Restaurants, Knudsens Tires, 
Challenger Racing Engines, Signs By Tomorrow, Racing Roundup Arizona, A&S 
Auto and Truck Parts, Askrens Auto Parts, Westside Transmission
Years in Racing: 1 Full year
Regular Tracks: Manzanita Speedway, Canyon Raceway
Favorite Track: Manzanita Speedway
Favorite Event: SCRA Nationals, Manzy's B-day Race
Accomplishments to Date: 3 Main Wins, 3 seconds, 4 trophy dashes, 
Rookie of 
the Year at Manzy, 8th in pts (Manzy), 5th in pts (Canyon), Newspaper 
Article done about me..
Crew: Mom, Dad, Mike Madill, Pete Wright
Special Thanks to: Mom and Dad, Mike Madill, Anthony Madrid, Pete 
Lynn Courtwright, Ryan Roath, Ron Poe
How did you get involved in Racing: Won a Factory Stock in SCRA's 
raffle in 
2003. Practiced for three weeks until I turned 14 and started racing. 
Finished 9th in first race out of 24.
Hobbies or other interests: Hockey and Computers
Most memorable moment in racing: Every race is memorable just because 
of who 
I'm able to run with, but my first main event win on 5-14-04 at Manzy, 
the speech made by Ricky Thornton (one of my racing heroes) about 
getting Co 
Rookie of the Year at Manzy was very special to me!