Name: Trevor Lane
Hometown: Cleburne, TX
Class: SIMS Limited Modified
Car#: 17
BirthDate: 2-16-85
Occupation: Student
Chassis: 2004 Hot Chassis
Sponsors: Lane Concrete Construction, Nick Stewart Lumber Company,
AB's Pick-A-part, Southwest Engines, BigWorm Motorsports, Trick Chassis
Years in Racing: 2
Regular Tracks: Cowtown Speedway
Favorite Track: Cowtown Speedway, Heart O Texas
Favorite Event: Topless 100
Accomplishments to Date: 4th Cowtown Points
Crew: Dad, Daniel, Ryan
Special Thanks to: Dad and Mom
How did you get involved in Racing: My Dad, and then I started helping 
A friend.
Hobbies or other interests: Riding 4 Wheelers, hanging out with friends
Most memorable moment in racing: First Feature Win