Name: Wes Carlin   
Hometown: Denison, Texas
Class: Modified
Car#: 63
BirthDate: 4-27-80
Occupation: Diesel Mechanic at Ryder Transportation in McKinney Texas
Spouse: Brandi
Children: Addison
Chassis: Watson Chassis
Sponsors: Watson Race Cars, Transmissons By Glen Lashley
Years in Racing: 4 years
Regular Tracks: Super Bowl Speedway Greenville Texas
Favorite Track: Super Bowl Speedway
Favorite Event: My favorite event would be every saturday night I race.
Accomplishments to Date: Top 10 in a few races lastyear as it was my first year in a modified.
Crew: Tim Carlin and Brandi Carlin, and Joe and Mary
Special Thanks to: My Wife most of all for her support and all of my family
How did you get involved in Racing: Went and watch my wife’s cousin Cody Godbey race one night at Grayson County Speedway and knew I had to have one and started building a hot stock the next weekend.
Hobbies or other interests: Working on my car and racing is about it!   
Most memorable moment in racing: So far in the modified I dont have any but hopefully this year will be different! In my hot stock it would be the 4 trophy wins, 1 feature win and placing 4th in track points.