Name: Zach Gossett   
Hometown: Amarillo, TX
Class: Modified
Car#: 9
BirthDate: 3-31-86
Occupation: Kroozers Tire & Automotive
Spouse: Yeah right
Children: No thank you
Chassis: Jet Mod
Sponsors: Lubbock Wrecker Service, Xtreme Race Graphics, Service Pro Premium Products, Golden Spread Motorplex, Plains Chevrolet, Fike's Transmissions
Years in Racing: 4
Regular Tracks: Route 66 Motorspeedway, Tech Motorspeedway, & Lubbock Motorspeedway
Favorite Track: Tech Motorspeedway
Favorite Event: The Southern Challenge in Abilene, TX
Accomplishments to Date: 2000- Rookie of the year, Track Champion 2001- Rookie of the year, Top ten   2002- Top ten, 2004-Top ten
Crew: Dad, Mike Henry, Kenny Hayhurst, Todd Norman,
Special Thanks to: Bryson Oeschger, Mom, Dad, Grandpa
How did you get involved in Racing: My dad has been racing for 27 years
Hobbies or other interests: Playing sports and hanging out with friends 
Most memorable moment in racing:  Winning my first Modified feature last year, my rookie season, racing against my dad in the same class, or rolling my street stock rookie season